**SPECIAL** ANY WHITETAIL UP TO  200″  for $3,500

Welcome to Tusk-N-Tines Outfitters of Ohio!
Southern Ohio’s Finest Hunts…One of the industries premier hunting outfitters… Experience a World Class Trophy Hunt of a lifetime!


At Tusk-N-Tines Outfitters our passion is driven by the outdoors and    the hunting experience. As one of Ohio’s premier hunting outfitters we are dedicated to provide you with the trophy hunt of a lifetime with many years of  hunting experience and resources to make your hunting experience one of the best.   Tusk-N-Tines Outfitters is owned and operated by lifelong hunting enthusiasts with a passion for the outdoors, big game and  will ensure they provide you an excellent hunting experience. Our guides will  always strive to provide you with the hunt of a lifetime.


We offer a large selection of  Arkansas, Russian and European Boar. Our trophy list also includes; Trophy Whitetail Deer, Whitetail Does, Trophy Bull Elk, Cow Elk , Fallow Bucks, Fallow Does, Red Stag, a variety of Trophy Rams (Mouflon Rams,Big Horn Rams, Painted Desert Rams, Corsican Rams, Texas Dall Ram and exotic breeds of goats and sheep), and also many other species (please call for availability). We specialize in wild boar and whitetail hunts. Our wild boar hunts will provide you with a ***TRUE*** wild Russian, European, Eurasian, or Arkansas boar weighing from 200-400 lbs. Meat hogs are available upon request.

If you are looking for an Ohio whitetail deer hunt, you have found your destination as we are one of Ohio’s premier whitetail hunting outfitters.   Your guide will strive to provide the biggest typical Ohio  whitetail deer hunts you will find. We also strive to provide whitetail deer with “the look”. Placing emphasis on frame and tine length.

Tusk-N-Tines Outfitters is located in the beautiful hills of Pike County in south central Ohio.  We are established as an exclusive hunting preserve. Our goal is to provide you with a hunting experience that you will never forget! As a hunting outfitter we are equipped to address any of your hunting needs, from guiding and field dressing your animal, to processing and taxidermy. You decide if you want to hunt from blind or stalk your trophy.

We prefer talking one on-one so that we can explain the hunts in detail. We will answer any questions, and with the variety of hunts available, can usually set up a hunt suited for you and your schedule. We also want you to know that at Tusk-N-Tines Outfitters, SAFETY is our number one concern. We offer weekend hunts, hunts to fit any schedule and limit the number of hunters scheduled at any one time, for safety reasons. Weekday hunts, group outings, and special needs can all be accommodated by our staff

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